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Discover a more modern and more complete technology at the service of the inclusive digital school.

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Technology for all students, whatever their specific needs.

Find out how MathEOS and Cantoo are supporting their community towards a positive transition for the DYS school.


A Cantoo Scribe solution for every MathEOS user! Find out how to enjoy the best of Cantoo Scribe today.

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I bought the paid version of MathEOS

The Premium version of MathEOS is no longer available for download from the website and has suffered irreversible degradation, making it no longer operational. The Cantoo team therefore decides to offer the Cantoo Scribe software free of charge for 1 year to all those able to provide the e-mail address that authorized the subscription to the MathEOS purchase as well as the license number. Under this condition, by simple e-mail request to, anyone who has purchased MathEOS can create an account completely free on to take advantage of the web and downloaded version (Progressive Web App) of Cantoo Scribe during 1 year, including all updates available during the allotted time.

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I am an Academic or a Distributor

For Academies and Distributors with current contracts including the purchase of MathEOS software, Cantoo Scribe software may be offered as a replacement. For each purchased MathEOS license that cannot be used, the Cantoo Scribe software will be offered in its web version and downloaded (Progressive Web App) free of charge for 1 year, including all updates available during the allotted time. In the case of new contracts, the Cantoo team is at your disposal to send you a tailor-made commercial proposal. For all these requests, contact us by e-mail at

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I was using the demo version of MathEOS

I wanto to discover the free lifetime version of Cantoo Scribe

The demo (and therefore free) version of MathEOS is no longer available. For all those who wish to take advantage of our specialized software for DYS school free of charge, we invite you to take advantage of the 100% free version of Cantoo Scribe available on

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This operation takes effect from July 1, 2021 and remains valid until July 1, 2022.

The evolution of functionalities
Matheos versus Cantoo Scribe

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operationsPlugin.svgMath tools
textTools.svgReading and writing tools
vocalTools.svgVoice facilitation tools
materialTools.svgTools by subjects
schemaTools.svgPractical tools

How did MathEOS become Cantoo Scribe?

From research to flight

From research to flight

The story of MathEOS is above all a project to help children with DYS disorders in school. Today, the project takes on a new dimension to be more efficient and more innovative. The project takes off and becomes Cantoo Scribe, the marker of an adventure that we want to see grow more and more!

Building the school of tomorrow

Building the school of tomorrow

Cantoo is a social and solidarity business created by the same founders as EOS. Nothing changes, but ultimately everything changes! Cantoo works every day to rethink the vision for the school of tomorrow. The goal? Enable digital technology to innovate by meeting the specific needs of all students. We believe that instead of wanting to change children, we can rethink the tools. You too ?

A collective mission

A collective mission

Cantoo, we saw it as the logical continuation of the EOS adventure. From a first version of the project, we decided to activate our development to give access to as many people as possible. Research teams, National Education certification, support from organizations dedicated to innovation ... Cantoo is a more collective project than ever! Our values, on the other hand, remain intact, but can now be expressed more widely.

Our partners and certifications

Trophées de l'InnovationCroix Rouge FrançaiseHodefiHauts de FranceMétropole Européenne de LilleEdTechEuratechnologiesEdu UP